Window shopping is among America’s favorite weekend leisure activity and there’d be nothing to see if not for the creative muscle of Window Display Designers. These artistic professionals go beyond festooning the store window with mannequins and trimmings.  Their work is basically a 3D representation of marketing promotions and campaigns that attract shoppers to visit the stores.  They do a lot of planning and thematic designing that creates an advertising message at the store level.

Window Display Designer Resume Template

Linda G. Scott

Orleans St., Baltimore, Maryland

Phone: 443-566-7789


To be a window display designer in a large mall or department store in the metro

Summary of Qualifications

  • About 7 years of experience as window display designer for a large department store in the city, supervising the crew in installing display elements, from simple props to animatronic displays.
  • Excellent supervisory and organizing as well as project management skills.
  • Excellent written communication skills in English.

Career Experience / Job History

2000 – Present:  Window Display, Nordstrom, Montgomery Mall

  • Work with store owners, managers and technicians to develop the design elements in a window display, incorporating graphics design and technical wizardry if required to create the themed ambiance, lighting and stage presence that may require animatronics as part of the diaspora.
  • Ensure that mannequins and props are appropriate for the design elements and source the right ones.
  • Supervise the work of craftsmen, carpenters, graphics designers, lighting and animatronic technicians in building the window display
  • Supervise and assist in the installation of  prefabricated window display elements as designed.


2002 – 2003:  Certificate in Graphics Design, DeVry University

1999 – 2002:  Bachelor of Fine Arts, Missouri Southern State University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.