Zoologist/Wildlife Biologist Resume Template

A wildlife biologist or zoologists specializes in the handling, study and laboratory research work on non-domesticated, exotic and wild animals.  The position has become indispensable together with the veterinarian in handling wildlife animal captured for study or exhibition in wildlife parks and zoos.

Zoologist/Wildlife Biologist Resume Template

Gregory F. Vernon

Old Town, San Diego, CA

Phone:  619-099-2022



Looking for a Zoologist or Wildlife Biologist position in a large pharmaceutical laboratory focused on animal treatment research.

Summary of Qualification

  • 8 years of experience as a professional wildlife zoologist at a major zoo.
  • Specializing in the study of South American wildlife species.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Spanish.

Career Experience/Job History

2002 – Present, Assistant to the Zoologist, San Diego Zoo

  • Assist the chief zoologist in the research on susceptibility of wile animals to diseases while in city captivity.
  • Conduct research on the behavior, social interaction and captivity breeding zoo animals.
  • Assist the chief zoologist in documenting and publishing research test results.
  • Assist the veterinarian in the care and management of zoo animals.
  • Specialize in South American exotic animals hunted in safaris to complement zoologists specializing in Siberian and African game animals.
  • Prepare the right formulation and dosage of tranquiller shots for specific types of animals depending on size.
  • Prepare and tranquilize zoo animals for diagnoses and treatment


2004 – 2006:  Master in Zoological Science, King’s College, London

1999 – 2002:  Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Liverpool, UK

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

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