Why The Phone Had Not Rung After Sending Your Résumés

So you’ve sent out a number of résumés to a few employers who have gratefully acknowledged receipt of them, promising to give you a call in the next few days.  But the days have turned into weeks and there’s still no call. Forget it and lick your wounds.  Better yet, analyze why your résumé didn’t merit a call-back.  Here are a few hints.

You could be sure you followed all the guidelines to making the right résumés, but still get thumbs down. The main reason an employer would not bother calling is when the applicant résumés fails to meet the minimum qualification that has been clearly communicated to the applicant online.  If the job description clearly says you need to operate an IBM AIX computer with C+ programming skill, your résumés should clearly say you do, plus your experience with it to merit an interview call.  Otherwise, the best written résumés won’t get you that call.

Now if you’re sure you did just that, then you need to take a hard look at how your résumés has been crafted, perhaps you missed out on some of the more important guidelines on how to craft one correctly.

  • If it was too long, more than 2 pages long without impressing how your long and detailed experience could make you better than others in competition, then you need to shorten it to just 2 pages.
  • If it was difficult to read, even if there are no grammar, typo or spelling lapses, it won’t be read at all.  The trick to correct this is to get at least three people to read your résumés and check their responses which could very well approximate how the recruiter received it.

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