If you’re a professional with a string of success in your career over the last 20 years, it’s only right to be proud of them and get them documented well in your résumé.  But unless some reasoned restraint is made, you could unnecessarily bloat your résumé to 10 pages so that they never get read.  It’s often tempting to make your résumé read like an autobiography or a dramatic listing of all your life’s accomplishment.

But a résumé is not an autobiography, no matter how abbreviated or concise.  Here are major things you should never do in a résumé

Including accomplishments that are irrelevant to the job. You could be the high school valedictorian and include the fact in your résumé but that’s not important to an employer unless you’re applying for a job that needs only high school level education.  You may want to brag about your promotion 20 years ago when the internet wasn’t available, but that’s entirely irrelevant when the work require managing a call center when you need to work over the internet.

Listing every job you had. You résumé need not list every job you ever held over the last 20 years.  While all job experiences are important, employers are mostly interested in what you’ve held in the last 10 years or so. A laundry list of jobs only lengthens your résumé.

Indicating your personal information. An employer has no need for your SS number nor is he interested in your religion or health condition, family relationships or kids in school, at least not until he asks for them when you’re being processed for employment already. Putting them in a résumé only betrays your lack of prudence in handling sensitive information.



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