Generally recruiters get numerous job applications. They consider only certain points while screening the resumes. It actually differs from recruiter to recruiter and the job position. Though it differs from recruiters, they will have a general idea of what to look for in a resume as a recruiter.

Here are some instructions to the recruiters of what to consider while screening the resumes.

Resume presentation

As a recruiter you should view how they presented their resume. Generally, the recruiters will not consider a very lengthy resume.

Educational background

Considering the educational background will reveal whether that is matching to the job description or not.

Job description

You should look for the experiences and skills that suit the job description to hire the candidates. This will not totally exclude the candidates who are having less experience, but the candidates whose skills nearly match with the job description will be having a greater chance of getting a job.

Experienced candidates

You should not only look for the job description, but should also look for their previous job experience. If you need experienced candidates, this method helps you in screening the candidates easily.

Proof of the candidate’s success

Recruiters will also look for the awards or the rewards won by the candidates, the methods they have used in preventing their former firm money and so on. By going through the special skills and the achievements of the candidates will determine you whether the candidate is result-oriented and ambitious.

Candidate’s work history and the employment dates

Most of the recruiters will look for the candidate’s work duration in their previous companies. This can determine you of how long the candidate worked in a company and his/her stability in the company. Viewing the employment dates of the candidate will reveal you the following things.

  • Whether the candidate possesses enough experience for the specified job role.
  • Whether he/she is having a good commitment with the previous company.
  • And the noticeable gaps of the employment.