There are several different formats are available to write a resume and you will have to take a look at them to decide which one suit your work and career graph the best. Résumé formats can be seen on the internet and going through them will give you an idea as to which one you would like to utilize. There are basically three main formats for resumes which are Hybrid format, Functional format and Reverse chronological format.

The hybrid format has characteristics of both functional and chronological formats. The period of employment as well as the skills and work experience of the candidate are put in the same paragraph. The experiences of the candidate are formatted according to the skills in the functional format and this is used when the person is changing his course of work or is resuming work after a break of a fairly long period. This means that the job search is according to skills which are transferable and not a career progression. The third format which is the reverse chronological one lists the person’s work experience starting from the most recent to the first one. This shows how the person has grown and evolved and gives the interviewer an idea of the potential of the person too.

Though these are the basic formats they can be changed around to suit the individual and the job which he or she is applying for. The main thing while making your resume is to give enough of the important information without boring the reader by making it too long, and also showing your main talents in it.