Wedding Videographers are often veteran hobbyist practitioners who use professional vidcam equipment to capture special events or occasions as freelance videographers who want to earn from the hobby.  But there are also commercial studios that have a team of videographers who are into videocam careers.  While vidcam technology are fairly common among consumer electronics that include cellphones, special or rare occasions are still better left in the hands of professionals like wedding videographers.

Wedding Videographer Resume Template

Alexander H. Croft

N. Graham St., Charlotte, North Carolina

Phone: (704) 133-4946


To work as a Wedding Videographer for a commercial studio or promotions management company

Summary of Qualification

  • 8 years of experience as a professional videographer specializing in weddings and special private events with the last 4 years working for a studio
  • Excellent command of film and digital video cameras as well as lighting control
  • Above average computer literacy to use PC based video editing software
  • Above average communication and interpersonal skills

Career Experience/Job History

2003 – Present:  Wedding Videographer, Video Section, Armacost Studio, NC.

  • Observe event schedule and ensure arriving at the location ahead of the quest to set-up video capture and lighting equipment.
  • Ensure all videographic equipment is in top condition prior to the event.
  • Study assignments and make an initial survey to check lighting conditions and strategic positions to stage video equipment.
  • Process video materials in approved video editing software.
  • Compose the edited video in approved authorware for burning into DVDs
  • Package the video material before shipping to clients.


1999 – 2003:  BA Commercial and Industrial Arts, Brunel University, Surrey

1990 – Present: Photography and Videography hobby using professional Sony and Canon digital and film equipment

Professional reference will be furnished upon request