The Video Game Designer is one of the most sought after position which now covers a variety of platforms from home game consoles and PCs to mobile gadgets like mobile phones and portable gaming consoles.  The designer is often part of a team of developers who conceptualize and create the technical coding for the game to be realized in as the platforms where it is intended to play.  The work often involves harnessing vocal and musical talents with the game design becoming a mini entertainment production but with interactive properties.

Video Game Designer Resume Example

Thelma T.G. Scott

Yorba Linda, Orange, CA

Phone: (657) 550-1879


To work as a Games Developer preferably in a lead or supervisory position in a major entertainment arts company focused on mobile platforms

Summary of Qualification

  • 8 years of experience in the games development industry focused on the PC and mobile computing platforms such as MS Windows, Symbian, Nintendo and lately, Android.
  • Excellent organizational and computational skills.
  • Excellent creative artistry in developing realistic scenes in any gaming project.

Career Experience/Job History

2003 – Present:  Video Game Designer, Activision, Burbank

  • Conceptualize the video elements that go with a game design in coordination with programmers, developers, artists, musicians and vocal talents.
  • Create the master design blueprint for approved gaming projects.
  • Develop derivatives of popular games to check their suitability in different platforms or using the same theme but with different characters or different look
  • Oversee the technical development of approved designs.
  • Create documentation and storyboards for any proposed game design


2003:  JAVA Programming Course Online

2002 – 2003 :  HTML, C+ Programming Courses Online

1999 – 2002 :  BS Computer Technology, UCLA

Professional references to be furnished upon request