University Administrator Resume Template

University Administrators work in a vast field and therefore must be highly responsible for the maintenance and supervision of public or private colleges and universities, separate from the faculty, with different departments and their administrative activities. A University Administrator undertakes various types of official tasks such as to maintain, develop, coordinate and oversee the various programs of finance, human resources, administration of academic courses at different departments. They may be responsible in student financial aid to student activities. The University Administrator organizes and manages the administration, support systems and activities that facilitate the effective running of the educational institution.

University Administrator Resume Template

Paula Nark

346 Harvey Rd.

Dallas, Texas 0321

Phone: (265)876-6756


Highly responsible individual seeking a position of University Administrator in a reputable University

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Intelligent and profoundly experienced in the field
  • In- depth knowledge and understanding of all office administration principles
  • Enthusiastic and willingness to work in the field of education and interact with educators and youth
  • Thorough knowledge of internal structuring, administrative tasks of each department of a university
  • Knowledgeable in theories and methods used in financial accounting
  • Ability to handle exceptional situations, good decision-making traits
  • Adept in using various computer tools
  • Proficient in spoken and written English
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks

Career Experiences:

2005- To present: Department Head; Institute of Dallas, Texas

  • Involved in the review and assessment of academic programs in the department
  • Responsible for the quality, effectiveness and progress of the department
  • Developed department  policies
  • Submit recommendations for changes and improvement  of curriculum in the department
  • Organized workloads and schedules of professors
  • Participate in the HR process in hiring new , retiring, and resigning professors in the department
  • Evaluate and give recommendations of professors’ and faculty performances
  • Handling a few subjects as a senior professor
  • Perform counseling duties to students

2000-2004: Department Head; College of Houston, Texas

  • Plan and managed departmental functions
  • Participate in teaching, research, service and extension activities
  • Preside general meetings of the department
  • Coordinate with the HR recruitment processing of new professor or faculty
  • Recommend improvements in the department
  • Provide leadership, motivation and management toward achieving of departmental goals


2000-2005: Masters in Education; College of Houston, Texas

Professional references would be provided upon request

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