Transportation supervisor is an individual who is responsible supervising the work of the employees in the transportation department of an organization and ensures whether they are working properly as per the guidelines of the organization. He may also be responsible for hiring new employees in the transportation department. A transportation supervisor template is a document drafted in order to give an idea about the way in which the resume of a transportation resume should be drafted. This template is very helpful for an individual applying for the position of a transportation supervisor.

Sample Transportation Supervisor Resume Template

Transportation Supervisor Resume

Personal information:

Name: ________________

Residential address: _________________________________

Residential contact number: ____________

Mobile phone number: ______________

Email id: __________

Gender: ___________

Nationality: _____________

Other information:

Languages known: _________________

Hobbies: ______________


I want to work in the position of transportation supervision in the transportation department of an organization that will provide growth to my career.

Educational qualification :

  • Pursued high school diploma in transport systems¬† from ___________________ [name of the school] in the year _____________ [year of completion of the course]


  • ___________________
  • ____________________
  • _____________________

[mention all the achievements of the individual that will help him get the job]

Work experience:

Worked in the position of a transportation supervisor at ________________ [name of the organization on where the applicant has worked] from ____ [date of joining the organization] to _____________ [date of leaving the organization] where

  • ____________
  • ____________
  • ____________ [specify the duties performed on the particular organization]