In this modern era, to apply for a professional job one need to have and submit a resume to the company.The resume is nothing but a kind of form developed by the applicant detailing about his qualification, working experience and all.

It is very important while submitting a resume that one must keep the proper format and presentation in order to have a positive first impression. Following is a traditional resume template of a Pilot. Traditional Resume Template is helpful for appying various jobs in the different industries.

Traditional Resume Template

James Washington

213 Colorado Ave San Bernardino,

CA 01232

Phone: (234) 286518


To become a successful pilot in Aviation Industry with my dedication, sincerity and hard work

Summary of Qualifications

  • Airline Transport Pilot
  • 3,100 hrs. Total Flight Time
  • 1,500 hrs. as Pilot in Command
  • 1,945 hrs. in Multi-Engine Airplane
  • 1,200 hrs. CRJ 200
  • 255 hrs. in single-engine Airplane
  • Bachelor of Science in Professional Aviation


  • Crazy Bird’s Aerobatics Champion 2004 and 2005
  • Pilot in command license in 2006

Career Experience/ Job History

2004-Present First Officer: CRJ 200

  • The Flying Airline – Naples FL Part 121 operator flying CRJ 200 on contract for Alpha Airlines

2000-2004 Flight Instructor – Part 141 school

  • The Pilot Factory – Phoenix AZ
  • Assistant chief flight instructor for part 141 and part 61 flight school specialized in fast track programs



Bachelor of Aviation Science in Professional Aviation at Aeronautics University – New York, US

Professional References available on request