If you want to secure the job of your choice you will have to ensure that your resume is impressive enough to get you an interview call first. Here are some tips to make your resume effective, so do some thinking before you sit down to write your resume.

  1. What kind of a job are you writing your resume for
  2. Put down points which will be effective for this job and put in action words
  3. Do you have prior experience in this sector
  4. Categorize your expertise based on the job
  5. State your job objective effectively
  6. Finally go over your resume a few times to make any changes

Before sending in your resume you also have to think about the pros and the cons of the job and whether you really want to work in that position. Taking on something which you are not adept at and which is really not your forte will only make you get a negative mark on your career graph as you may not be able to give it your best. No mater how badly you need a job there is really no point in taking one on for a short stint and then finding that you are not suitable for the job and vice versa.

While making your resume ensures that the headings make an impact on the interviewer and if you find the need to put in some additional headings which will make more of an impact on the recruiter. These are all strategies to get you to the interview level after which it is going to be your own effort.