Resume is like a chart of specifications. It highlights your skills and abilities. It gives all the necessary details of you which are necessary for the job. A resume doesn’t need to have all the details about you but it must be presented exceptionally. A good resume helps you get hired. Presentation and content in the resume are very important.

If a resume has good content but if it isn’t presented in a good way or it is presented nicely but if the content isn’t good enough then it can’t be called as a good resume.  A good resume is one which there is a balance of everything. Few tips below might help in writing a good resume.

The following are the top five tips for writing a resume.

Tip #1:

Firstly, take care while writing your career objective. If you want to get a job then write your career objective which matches with the job description and make sure that you don’t show any signs of ambiguity when you mention it.

Be clear about your intentions and give no way for confusion. Make it look like it was your passion or something. Use the words like “passionate”, “want to” etc. Try writing it in a way that the person who reads it feels like you’ll be best for the job.

Tip #2:

Take care while you mention your skills. Don’t exaggerate. Whatever you mention in the skills section, make sure that you have them all. Be honest about your skills. And try to write about those skills which are required for the job so that they catch the recruiter’s eye.

Mention about the skills which they are expecting and at the same time make sure that you have them. Don’t bluff. Mention everything relating to the job position.

Tip #3:

Mention about the projects which you have undertaken. Give the titles and years of your projects clearly. While mentioning the projects make sure that they are successful and try to relate them to your job description i.e., try mentioning the projects which are related to your job rather than mentioning all the projects.

Tip #4:

While mentioning about your curricular, co curricular and extracurricular activities make sure that you list them properly and give their names and years. Try putting on the activities (curricular, co curricular and extracurricular) which are related to your job. Don’t mention anything unrelated.

Tip #5:

When it comes to presentation make sure that you use bold and italic text at appropriate places, make use of tablature wherever you require and you can remove them from unnecessary places. Make side headings, use bold and italic texts for side headings, give proper spacing and underline the headings if you want to.

Make sure that your resume catches the eye of the recruiter. Make sections and use side headings and highlight them if required. Make it look professional.

These were few tips which might help in writing a resume. Try to be honest, be what you are and don’t change your scores or anything. Don’t exaggerate about your skills and abilities and use good language. Make your resume look professional.