Resume is a paper on which details of education qualifications, experience, your skills and abilities etc. are spilled. It’s like a paper version of what we are. Anybody can write a resume. A resume must be written in an effective manner.

An effective resume is one which is good presented, accurate, authentic and easy to read and understand. An effective resume might not have all the details about you but it must be perfect enough to get you recruited. Not everybody can write a resume in an effective way.

Below stated are the top ten secrets of an effective resume:

  1. choose a format:

If you want to write a resume in an effective way, follow a format to write. You can choose among chronological resume format, functional resume format and hybrid resume format.

If you are freshly graduated student then, chronological resume format will suite you just fine. If you are experienced person with career change and with long gaps in your employment career then functional format is the best.

Think and choose a format of your type.

  1. Length :

Don’t make your resume too long. Resumes highlight your skills and abilities but not your story. Do not over do things. Don’t write paragraphs about yourself. Just keep it short and refined. Try to write everything in point wise and make sections and side headings and sort things accordingly.

  1. Be honest:

Don’t write any fake content or give wrong details. Don’t exaggerate about yourself. Just keep it real. Don’t make things up while you write about yourself. Don’t alter your scores or achievements. Don’t bluff about yourself.

  1. Remember the purpose:

Just remember the purpose of your resume and write it according to the job description. Give the details what are relevant and required for the job. Don’t give every detail about your skills or languages or achievement or anything.

Just write relevant things what are required for the job. And try to write and highlight things which are mentioned in the job description if you have them.

  1. Keep it short:

It’s called a resume for a purpose and it is limited to 2 or 3 pages. So, don’t try to write your whole story in it. Just keep it short and mention the necessary things which you think might help you. Don’t write in paragraphs. If you have to do so then just keep it brief. Try to write everything in a point wise manner.

Just go through the job description and write only the necessary details and few others and highlight the details which are mentioned in the description so that it catches the eye of the person who selects you.

  1. Career objective:

While writing career objective make sure that it makes sense and make sure that it matches the job description. Try to relate it to the job description. Don’t make it look pretentious, mean what you write. Use active verbs etc. Don’t create confusion in the mind of the reader. Write it in a simple way.

  1. Don’t exaggerate and don’t be modest:

Don’t try to bluff and exaggerate about your skills and talents, achievements. At the same time don’t be modest about mentioning your achievements. The achievements which you think are embarrassing might be the qualities the recruiter might be looking for.

Be honest. If don’t know about few things or if you have a half knowledge on few things don’t put them on your resume. Just keep it simple and keep it real.

  1. Highlight :

While writing a resume, firstly you have to divide it into sections. And then you can list out your qualities under different sub headings. While listing your skills, strength, and achievements try to highlight things which you feel are related to your job and which are mentioned in the job description.

  1. Presentation:

A resume is nothing without presentation. Make sure that you make it presentable. Try to use bullets where ever required and while listing out your qualities. Use numbering when you tabulate your scores or accomplishments.

Use bold and italic text where ever required i.e., in the headings or sub headings or highlighting something etc. Make it look good.

  1. Make it professional:

Use active verbs and use proper language in your resume. The language need not to be polished or something. Just keep it simple and don’t use irrelevant words or offensive words. Just write it in a simple understandable language without any mistakes.

These are the few things which are expected in every resume and few secrets of effective writing.