A technical customer service representative handles troubleshooting, repair, restart and reactivation of accounts especially for internet providers and satellite cable TV providers. They have the ability to help customers having problems with their connection and they handle inquisitions as to the minutest detail in customer’s inquiry and concern such as not seeing anything or a black screen when they turn their computers on.

Technical Customer Service Representative Resume Example

Bart Addams

17 Woods Rd, Portland

Maine, 01245

Phone: (317) 456-1004



A technical customer service representative seeking employment for an internet service provider

Summary of Qualification

  • Outstanding technical skills in trouble shooting and repair of computer system
  • Excellent ability to seek cause of trouble of computer systems without being physically with the computer itself
  • Ability to multi task, taking notes while conversing with customers
  • Excellent listening skills and patience in handling customers with various issues and concerns
  • Ability to navigate different information station and ability to resolve issues immediately using different programs from different companies
  • Ability to work on shifting schedules and work under minimal supervision

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – present: Technical Customer Service Representative; Convergys – Bellsouth Department

  • Technical service representative assisting customers of the internet service provider calling to resolve their issues with their internet connection
  • Trouble shoots computer and internet connection of guest a step by step procedure initiated by the company
  • Seeks and repairs concern of guests calling at the least amount of time
  • Attends training and knowledge enhancements initiated and conducted by the company
  • Assists new hire in navigation of the system and training them in the process, also acts as a floor walker when requested by the supervisor


2002-2006: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Computer Science; Cambridge

Professional reference will be furnished upon request