A supply chain management resume template is a document that contains an outline for incorporating details that describe the qualifications possessed by a certain individual for qualifying as a supply chain management professional. A supply chain manager generally performs activities related to the analysis of the product’s path of supply and the corresponding factors. The resume template should thus outline areas containing details of handling responsibilities as suppliers and members of the supplying party, including purchase details, nature of market and sales, employing integrated logistics for proper management of the supply chain and other related aspects.

Sample Supply Chain Management Resume Template:


_________________________________________ [mention the name of the candidate]

Age: _________ years

Permanent address: ___________________________________________________________

Contact details: _____________________ [telephone]

               _________________ [email id]

Objective(s) of the candidate:

To work as a supply chain management professional with the ____________________________ __________________________________________ [mention the name of the supply chain management company where the resume is to be placed]

Knowledge and skills:

  • Capability to study various conditions of the supply chain, such as, _________________ ___________________________________ [mention the exact ideas possessed]
  • Ability to analyze supply chain and manage properly with _________________________ ______________________________ [mention management techniques and describe as much necessary]
  • _______________________________ [Give details of other knowledge and skills possessed by the candidate]

Project handled:

[Explicate the details of the project(s) in which the applicant has participated]

Name of project: _________________________________

Supply ratio: ________________

Supply parameters: _____________________________

Other details: ________________________________________________________

Work experience:

Name of company worked in: _______________________________

Designation: ____________________

Achievements: ______________________________________________

[Give proper and relevant details of the candidate’s professional experiences]

Education and Training:

  • Bachelor of __________________________ [mention the degree graduated with] in ___________ [provide the year of passing] from ________________________________ [give the name of the institute]
  • Training done from _______________________ [give name of the organization] in ____________________________________ [mention the topic or area of training]
  • Certificates in ________________________________ [give proper details of certifications for special academic achievements]