Submitting Online Résumés

The Internet has redefined the way we conduct business.  Along the way, it has also ushered a new way to get information.  That includes how people make their résumés available to employers or how companies access them to find the right people. Along with the maturity of online commerce comes online search for employment and with it, résumés have taken on an electronic online content.

HR recruiters and employers are now taking in résumés electronically, as an email attachment, from online headhunters and right from online career pages in a company’s website.  Most due to practical reasons, online commerce has evolved the way résumés are written, received and handled.

For company’s who now accept online résumé exclusively, the advantage comes in the form of standard templated résumé sections where a comparative evaluation between candidates is better facilitated.  The fields in résumé forms are actually database fields, allowing a company to search their database for specific persons with this or that qualification and filtering out previous rejected applicants. Most of these fields are in free text form but most items like graduation information, companies worked, degrees and personal details are all captured as separate fields with which employers can query their databases.

For applicants, there are advantages in the form of quick responses to applications.  Once they hit the “submit” button on these online résumé forms, they often get instant system generated confirmation in their emails.  A schedule of interview or rejection is simply emailed.  Some companies conduct interviews remotely using a video chat channel.

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