Speech Pathologists are sometimes referred to as Speech Therapists. They work closely with people diagnosed with speech disorders such as stuttering, late development speech impairment, or as simple as unwanted accents and pitch. They work with doctors, psychologists, physical therapists, teachers and social workers. Most of their patients are children who lisp or stutter who needs proper care to eliminate their problem.

Speech Pathologist Resume Template

Samantha Green

Redfield, VA

Alexandria, 45731

Phone: (426) 754-1649



Licensed speech pathologist in a quest to be employed and trained for a reputable institution

Summary of Qualification

  • Able to detect variations in pronunciation and tone
  • High attention to detail
  • Well organized and excellent in report writings especially with developments of patients
  • Good interpersonal skills and easy to get along, with a calm and relaxed voice to make patients comfortable

Career Experience/Job History

2007 – 2011: Speech Pathologist, Mayo Clinic

  • Diagnosed, treated patients who suffer from speech and language problems
  • Handled administrative work such as development reports for patients
  • Handled seminars and conferences for schools and university for forums regarding speech problems
  • Handles diagnosis, counseling and treatment for both in-patients as well as out-patients
  • Ability to multi task and has excellent decision making skills prioritizing the most important things to the least

2005-2007: Speech Pathologist, Andy Anderson Medical Clinic

  • Works hand in hand with doctors and physical therapist attending to patients who have speech problems
  • Catered to patients who had stroke, accidents and surgery who needs speech therapy
  • Takes notes, makes progress reports for patients and keeps them in file for consultation and reports requested by patients, doctors and even their family


2002-2005: Master of Education in Major in Pathology, Virginia State University

1998-2002; Bachelor of Science in Pathology; , Virginia State University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request