The special effects on modern Hollywood films are multi-disciplinary efforts that are often a mix of traditional and advanced CGI all under the control of the special effects director.  The film production outfit often hires 3rd party special effects companies who are known to be good in one area of CGI wizardry over others.  But all these get under the direction of the Special Effects Director who has technical skills to complement the artistry of the film director.   A resume should include a portfolio of special effects directorial jobs.

Special Effects Director Resume Template

Gina B. Heatherton

Santa Monica, CA

Phone: 310-898-5566


A position as a Special Effect Director in a movie production company

Summary of Qualification

  • 12 years of experience in the special effects department starting as an apprentice to a Ray Harryhaussen.
  • Portfolio of film works to be presented during interview.
  • Excellent supervisory and organization skills on the field.

Career Experience/Job History

1998 – Present:  Special Effects Director, MGM Studios

  • Confer with the film director on the overall thematic look and the means to achieve the special effects to determine budget requirements for any film project.
  • Confirm character looks, production design and art direction to guide the special effects department to harness all the required resources to attain the level so aesthetics and realism required by the film director
  • Provide support to the 3rd party CGI team in setting up blue backdrop studio settings.
  • Monitor project budget consumption and report any variance to the film director and producer.


2002 – Present:  Various workshops and seminars on digital camera handling, special effects techniques on computers, supervisory skills management and

1998 – 2002: Bachelor of Arts in Movie Production, Hollywood Film Institute

1995 – 2008: BS in Electrical Engineering (Undergraduate), Cornell University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request