Sign Language Translator Resume Template

While language is aural, people with hearing and speech disabilities use sign language as their only means of communication.  For them to understand television programs, conference speeches and daily communication, sign language translators are employed.  You often seem them in a small picture-in-picture frame in one corner of a TV program covering new broadcasts and programs. They are also used to interpret speeches on stage, political rallies, product demonstrations, etc.

Sign Language Translator Resume Template

Felix L. Jones, Jr.

Porter Ave., Buffalo, NY

Phone: 718-132-1145


To be a Sign Language Translator for a major news company or organization requiring the service

Summary of Qualifications

  • About 7 years of experience as a Sign Language Translator for a large news broadcasting company
  • Above average written communication skills in English and sign language for real time translation.

Career Experience / Job History

2005 – 2008:  Freelance Sign Language Translator

  • Coordinate with client companies or organization on written materials for advance recording of sign language interpretation.
  • Secure event schedules when real time interpretation is required.

2003 – 2005: Sign Language Translator, CNN

  • Coordinate with broadcasters on any prepared written documents to be aired to prepare for sign language translation
  • Perform real-time sign language translation as news gets broadcasted live
  • Record sign language interpretation for written materials on Teleprompters for correct synching with broadcaster.


2003 – Present:  In-house seminars on broadcast translation techniques and updates on sign language development.

2003:  Obtained certificate as Certified American Sign Language

2000 – 2003:  Bachelor of Arts in Sign Language Interpreting, Bethel College

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

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