A senior HR executive is an individual who is responsible for coordinating the employee base of the respective firm. The official needs a set of educational qualifications and must also possess certain skills to handle the duties associated with this job position. The individual must prepare a proper resume for the purpose of displaying his/ her qualifications and skills. In order to create an effective resume a senior HR Executive resume template plays an important role.

Sample Senior HR Executive Resume Template


Career Statement:

I have gathered a degree in HR management from one of the best institutes. I wish to secure the position of a senior HR executive and hone my skills further. The experience that I have makes it suitable for me to work for this prestigious organization.

Personal Details:

Name: _______________________

Gender: __________________________________

Date of Birth:  _____________________________

Father’s Name: ____________________________

Correspondence Address: ____________________

Email Address:   ___________________________

Contact No.: ______________________________

Educational Qualifications:

  1. High School education from _______________________ [name of the institute]. Passed out as the batch of _________ [year of passing out].
  2. Graduation from ____________________ [name of the institute/ university] in _______________ [mention the subject of major]. Passed out with the batch of ________ [year of passing].
  3. Post graduation from ______________________ [name of institute/ university/ country] in _______________ [the subject taken up as major]. Completed in __________ [year of completion].

Work Experience:

  1. Worked at the position of _______________ [job position] at the __________________ [name of the organization worked at] from _______________ to _______________ [period of working].
  2. Worked at position of ________________ [job position] at the ____________________ [name of the organization] from ________________ to _________________ [time period].