A cover letter is very important document that is attached with the resumes while applying for a job. Cover letter should impress the prospective employer and should contain reasons about why you are the right person for the job. Care should be taken that it does not become mere another format for your resume.

Information mentioned in CV should not be included in cover letter. In fact cover letter should be the introduction about your skills and strengths, how they fit into the vacant position you are applying for and how different you are from other candidates. Below is sample cover letter template that will give you basic Idea about how your cover letter should look like.

Sample Cover Letter Template

Andrew Smith

HR Manager

Super Soft Web Technologies Inc

Dear Mr. Smith,

I came across the advertisement in SunPost Daily inviting resumes for the job of Content Writer at your organization on 15th December 2009. I am a well experienced Content writer with expertise in health related content which is what the job description stated in the advertisement requires. I would like to apply for the job as I think I perfectly fit the job description mentioned for the vacant position in your organization.

I have been associated with many web site companies that specialized in developing various kinds of web sites and web portals for health industry. This has provided me extensive knowledge about the kind of content required by the health industry companies.

I am therefore forwarding my resume for your consideration. I am hopeful of getting a call for interview where I can showcase my skills and experience.

Sincerely yours,

Sarah Parker


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