The sales management resume is created specifically for aspiring sales managers. This resume highlights the capability and qualities of the applicant for taking up different managerial responsibilities. This is done by enumerating the different academic and professional experiences of the applicant. To ease the process of constructing the resume, a sales management resume template can be used. The template must be constructed in a simplistic format and the applicant is required to provide an objective statement that establishes his or her purpose of choosing a career in sales management.

Sample Sales Management Resume Template

Sales Management Resume

Name of Applicant:

Date of Birth:


Contact no.:


Objective Statement: I am seeking for a position of sales manager in a well-renowned organization where I will be able to practice and showcase my leadership and managerial qualities.

Skill Summary: [Provide a detailed account of all the abilities that make the candidate suitable for the position applied]

  • ______________________________
  • ______________________________
  • _______________________________

Academic Background:

  • Bachelor of _______ [Specify stream] in _________ [state the major], from ________________ [Specify college/ institute/ university], _______ [year]
  • Master’s in __________ [specify major], from ____________[university],  ______ [year]
  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [State any other educational qualification]

Professional Background:

  1. Worked as a ________________ [state the role/ position], in ___________________ [state name of company], from ______ to _______ [year].
  • ________________________________
  • ________________________________
  • ________________________________
    [mention all responsibilities of the candidate during employment]
  1. Worked as a __________________, in ______________________, from _________ to _________.
  • ____________________________________
  • ________________________________
  • ___________________________________

References: [Provide details of the references]

1. Company: _________________________

Address: ______________________

2. Company:_______________

Address: __________________