Retail assistant manager’s main job is to supervise and lead a team of employees effectively. A retail assistant manager’s job is to maintain employee relations, and meet personal and human resource requirements. They are also responsible for managing and controlling the expenses, the budget planning, and the cost analysis. They target to meet or exceed the previous sales level and profitability by setting goals. Retail assistant manager is solely responsible for store staff, its management and develop and excellent and positive customer relationship. They have to make sure, that the merchandising standards are met by means of excellent customer relationship.

Adam Anderson
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Objective: To seek a job as a Retail Assistant manager for a reputed retail company where one can exhibit the skill set needed for the job.


  • Bears excellent customer service skills.
  • Has high energetic personality which inspires co-workers to reach goals by sheer motivation.
  • Excellent communication with colleagues, and writing skills.
  • Able to sell in a retail environment.
  • Proficient with computers and internet
  • Having a good crisis management experience.

Computer skills: Proficient with

  • MS Office
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Power point
  • Internet

Work Experience:

worked as an Asst. Manager at Santa Banta & Brothers, CA, USA.

  • Responsible for helping in merchandising.
  • Supervised and inspired employees.
  • Responsible for opening and closing the store to the public.
  • Preparing daily sales reports and future expectant growth report of the store.
  • Taking care of the bank deposits and making the necessary transactions.
  • Financial transactions in retail environment and the administration and control is the responsibility of the store asst. Manager.
  • Supervision of all the customer services, the display of merchandise, the lottery sales, the  maintenance and sanitation and also the employee training are all a part of the job.

Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Devry University, USA.