Many people prefer to put the objective of their resume at the top of the page as they feel that it is best to let the employer know what job capacity and interest you have. This is good in a way as the interviewer feels that you are confident of working in such a position and are familiar with what the job entails. This objective could also be put down in the covering letter, but sometimes the covering letter is not read with much interest by the interviewer and the candidate feels it is more effective to place it in a strategic position in the resume itself. Whatever is the objective the goal should be clear and the interviewer should see this in your resume.

When an objective is put in the resume you should ensure that the job you are applying for matches this. If not then you may not get the job at all as the employer will feel that you are not interested in this sort of work.

Your own qualities should be emphasized in a way that shows that you are the best choice for the job and will be able to perform effectively and give good results in this position. The interviewer should feel that you will be an asset to the organization with your expertise and talents. Companies want people who have worked in a similar capacity earlier and will grasp the job requirements fast. This means they will not have to put you through further training either and save the training cost.