If you are applying for accounting jobs, then you must be a well organised, balanced, and calculated person. And so will be the situation with your resume. To write a resume for you accounting job, firstly, you need to be exposed to the accounting terminology and later you have to plan and divide your resume into sections and later you can start writing under those sections.

Here are few tips which might help in writing a resume for an accounting job.

  1.  Before writing your resume, go through the accounting terminology.
  1. Divide your resume into sections and use appropriate side headings.
  1. Contact information:

Start your resume with the contact information. In the contact information, mention your name, contact number, e mail id and current address.

For example:


Contact number: 123

E-mail id: abc@ctu.com

  1. objective:

After writing the contact information, write about objective. While writing objective, mention what you want to do clearly and state what post you are looking up to. If you are looking for certified public accountant c.p.ca, then mention it clearly or if you are looking for charted accountant post then mention it clearly.

  1. skills :

Now mention about your skills under skills heading. Use bullets while you mention your skills; try to give those skills which are required and relevant for the post.

  1.  Experience:

After writing about your skills, write about your previous experience under experience heading and give a scoop of past experiences which are relevant and related to the new job which you are applying for.

Example: checking records, balance sheets etc.

  1. Qualifications:

Here, in this qualification section, write about your education history. Write about your board, under graduation, graduation, post graduation details and names of the institutions with years along with the scores you achieved.

These are the few tips which might help in writing a resume for an accounting job.