Resume Template of Professionals Are Often Longer

The level of complexity or simplicity in a résumé is often dictated by the nature of the position and the industry where the company operates.  The applicant also determines this level deepening on his or her profession.  Résumés of educators/professors, medical professionals, artists and people in many other specialized fields may be comparatively longer.

A doctor’s résumé, especially a specialist, has one of the most extensive educational background section detailing all the specialization courses, accreditation and certification acquired.  A professor’s résumé is also quite complex, detailing all the professorial chairs held, faculties held as well as treatises and papers published, in addition to various post graduate and graduate education received.

A résumé of an engineer or architect can also be as rich.  The résumé often includes the most recent engineering or architectural works which can benefit a media-rich file embedding of images about the work, either authored in a CD or with the URL to a website that can showcase the work.

A professional writer, musician editor or journalist as well as media artists can also be long and often include media-rich content authored in a CD where a portfolio of relevant works can be attached to the résumé. A designer in whatever area can have his or her works photographed and included as part of the portfolio, along with the various solo and group exhibits participated in.  If you are a comics or graphics artists looking for jobs in an advertising, media or creative agency, the best résumés are often authored on a CD or posted in Blog where prospective employers can simply download or see online images of your work.

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