It is the combination of the covering letter and the resume which makes the final impact on any interviewer. Though the resume gives your own personal achievements, qualifications and capabilities it is the covering letter that completes the picture. This gives the interviewer an idea of your personality more than anything else as it is written to convey a message to them. Remember that nothing written comes out the best at the first time around and may need to be edited and gone over several times before you get the right ideas across.

Do not right a lengthy account but be precise and ensure that every word makes an impact on the interviewer. Let them know that you are a responsible no nonsense person and can deliver the goods without bragging about it. The person reading it should be impressed with your way of establishing a rapport through this first communication which shows that you have what it takes and are modest about it.

A cover letter should be well thought of and not done in a tearing hurry. So start on it much in advance and take advice from those who are well versed in such matters. This could be someone you have worked with, your parents of siblings who have achieved a good career. The letter should start with an introduction followed by your expertise and end with a statement that you are to be trusted with the position in case you get it and will be an asset to the organization.