Radio Producer Resume Template

A radio producer is a creative professional, who creates the radio shows, takes care of business & commercial management and generates innovative ideas to promote different radio programs as per audience’s interests. This radio producer CV template guides the interested candidates to design a professional radio producer resume in order to acquire this job position.

Sample Radio Producer Resume Template:


Personal Information of the candidate: [In this section, carefully mention the personal individual details]

Name: _____________

Address: ___________

Phone Number 1: __________

Phone Number2: ___________

E-mail id: _________________

Professional Objective:

Willing to serve as a radio producer in a reputed organization where I can utilize the best of my knowledge and skills in order to get impressive career growth

Academic Details:

  • I have received bachelor’s degree in ___________ from _____________ [name of the college/ institution] in the year of _________ [write about the year of passing]
  • Obtained Master’s degree in ________________ from __________ [name of the university] in _______ [mention the year of passing]

Employment Background:

  • _______ [mention the years of tenure] ______________ [name of the employer origination]

I started my career with ___________[ name of the company] company as _______[ job post]

  • _______ [write about tenure served in years] _________ [name of the employer organization]

Worked as _____________[ job profile]

Professional job duties: [mention responsibilities performed by the contender during his/ her job tenure]

  • ____________
  • _____________
  • _____________

 Summary of skills: [specify the professional skills, knowledge and abilities of the applicant]

  • A self motivated team player, hard-working and creative
  • Effective problem solving and management skills
  • Impressive negotiation abilities
  • ___________
  • ___________

Awards: [impressively pen out the received awards and honours]

  • I have received “______________ “[name of the award] for my contribution in the growth of Broadcast Media
  • I was awarded with “_________________” [write the name of the award] from ___________ [name of the institution or club] for innovative production research.

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