A radio announcer is a trained individual, who is responsible for announcing all important information related to commercial, public, corporate, sport and weather news on radio channels. A radio announcer resume template is used by the candidate in order to draft an impressive resume that is capable of showcasing the skill sets as well as the qualifications of the candidate in an effective manner.

Sample Radio Announcer Resume Template:

Radio Announcer Resume

Personal Details of the candidate:

Name: _________

Address: ________

E-mailer: ________

Phone Number: _________

Mobile Number: ________

Date of Birth: ____/ _____/ ____

Marital Status: ______________

Career Objective:

I wish to work as a radio announcer where my __________ [details of skill sets] can be best utilised.

Educational Background: [provide here the detail of academic background by writing the name of the educational institution, type of the degree and years of passing]

  • Bachelors degree in _________[ name of degree] from ___________ [name of the college] in ______ [year of passing]
  • _____________[ name of certificate] certificate course from ________ [name of the institution] in _________ [years of passing course]
  • Details of other educational qualifications.

Summary of Employment: [specify the professional employment summary of an applicant by writing the name of the employer, duration and job position]

  • ________ [duration] years of professional experience as an assistant radio announcer with _______ [name of the radio station]
  •  ________ [tenure] years of work experience as a radio announcer with _________ [provide the name of the employer radio station]

Job Duties & Responsibilities: [write the performed official job duties expressing the eligibility of the candidate for this job position]




Professional Skills & Abilities:

  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to conduct unique listener music survey
  • Good command over English and impressive announcing voice
  • _____________
  • _____________