Public Auditors check public audit including providing an opinion on the financial accounts or the procedures and policies of an organization for efficiency and accuracy prepared by public bodies.  Their work also covers such issues as regularity, propriety and value of money. Public auditors are usually qualified accountants who review finances and their work involves examination of company accounts, collection and interpretation of figures, identification of problems and assessment of financial reporting systems of the company.

Public Auditor Resume Template

Michelle Fort

56 East Middleton

New York, NY 8765

Phone: (792)765-8365


To achieve a position of a Public Auditor wherein I can utilize my skills for the benefit of the organization

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Profound knowledge in taxation protocols
  • Superior numerical skills
  • Ability to transact plans and lead teams for audit procedures
  • Result and detail oriented individual with special attention on accuracy.
  • Possess the authority to examine and consent the financial documents
  • Proficient in communications, customer service and presentation skills
  • Ability to provide leadership

Career Experiences:

2008- To present: Public Auditor; MIX Inc., Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Plan the audit program and procedure by fixing duties and set time limits
  • Examine discrepancies and inconsistencies, review documents for accuracy and legality
  • Commend corrections to eliminate errors and post pertinent entries
  • Verify all financial statements as correct

2005-2007:  Assistant Public Auditor; Broad Manufacturers Inc Hawaii

  • Congregate several accounting documents of profits and loss statement, balance sheet, assigning new statements and verify the financial record presented in every document
  • Formatting inaccurate  and error of principles of the statements and make proper corrections
  • Assisting the company in computing tax liabilities and filing tax returns appropriately
  • Create harmonious adjustment between the chief auditor and the organization

2003-2005: Internal Auditor; Quarter Bank, Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Responsible in internal audit of systems and documents of the bank
  • Review up to date work systems, functions and procedures
  • review accounting statements to ensure efficient financial records
  • figure-out the inefficiencies and take corrective actions


2000-2003: Degree in Accounting; Honolulu University, Hawaii

Professional references would be furnished upon request