Prioritize Content on your Résumé

HR recruiters and employers process many résumés routinely every day.  If you want to land in a job, you need to make your résumé stands out among these résumés and at least be as good as the best being processed for the job.  That doesn’t mean embellishing it with nice but false details but it should stand out as a professional no-nonsense résumé that reveals you took some thoughtful effort in pursuing the job vacancy.

If you’ve had a number of years and job experiences to substantiate your résumé, it can be difficult organizing them all for a readable and insightful look into your capabilities for the job.  Just start out with statements about the major things you did in your current and previous jobs.  Then prioritize the important ones in each job you held.  That means putting the most important responsibility and accomplishment ahead of the rest.  Bear in mind that recruiters often just read the first lines in any section in your résumé.

If you have been a civil engineer in your 1988-1995 job and you have supervised a team that built a 40-story condominium, put that on the first line instead of going chronological putting your first suburban townhouse project ahead.  The same goes for your training.  You don’t have to go chronological and start with the meatiest or most relevant in your trainings.

Prioritizing also comes with customizing your résumé for each job vacancy you are targeting. That means putting only the experiences and trainings relevant to the job.  And if you end up with a 3-4 page résumé, the more it becomes compelling to prioritize by leaving out less significant details to shorten your résumé.

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