Precision Agriculture Technicians primary duties are to map out the geographical site of the farm, sampling soil acidity and water content to suggest the best possible crop, fertilizer and pesticide that would aid in a good yield for the crops in the farm. They also utilize laboratory equipments for the tests such as spectrometers, centrifuge, PH meters that would show the composition of the soil.

Precision Agriculture Technicians Resume Template

April Staunton

Highway 33 N, MT

Saint Joseph, 86475

Phone: (854) 486-5764


Geodetic Engineer seeking employment that would utilize and develop my skills in my chosen field

Summary of Qualification

  • Major in soil and  crop analysis from the university
  • Methodical analyst for soil sampling with great experience in using laboratory equipments
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Knowledge in techniques and equipments for the farm as well as poultry environment

Career Experience/Job History

2007 – 2011: Precision Agriculture Technician, Joseph’s Farm Produce

  • Handles sampling and tests for the soil for precision control of maximum yield for the crops in the farm
  • Prepares reports and feasibility study for the farm and submits to the head officer for analysis and
  • Responsible in hiring employees for peak seasons in the state.
  • Spearheaded research and development with different pesticides and its effect on certain crops.
  • Attended seminars and conferences for new product development with crop production

2005-2007: Agricultural Technician; Princess of the Farm

  • Handles field sampling of soil and crops to be submitted to the laboratory for analysis
  • Assists laboratory staffs in soil and crops analysis and also handle laboratory equipment as directed by the supervisor
  • Prepares reports and analysis of the samples to be submitted to the supervisors


1998-2002: Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Engineering, Princeton University

2001: On-The-Job training for the Bureau of Plant and Industry Montana State

Professional reference will be furnished upon request