A pharmacy assistant is an individual who works under the supervision of a pharmacist in a medical centre or a hospital. These individuals are assigned various job duties including dispensing of medicines as per prescription, maintaining inventory of medicines, looking after the purchase order of the medicines and other. The candidates who wish to work at this job position can take help of pharmacy assistant resume template in order to frame an effective resume.

Sample of pharmacy assistant resume template:


Personal Contact Details: [Mention the required individual details]

Name: ______________

Temporary Address: ______________

Permanent Address: ______________

Phone Number1: _________________

Phone Number2: _________________

E-mail id: ________________________

Professional objective: A trained and licensed pharmacist seeking to work with a leading health organization where I can contribute to the growth of employer organization and serve the patient needs with the best of my abilities.

Educational Background: [Provide the academic summary of the job applicant by writing the name of the degree obtained, educational institution and year of passing]

Name of the Degree/Course/Certificate Name of the University/College/Institute Year of Passing Grades/Marks Obtained
XXXX XXXX ______ ______%
XXXX XXXX ______ ______%

Candidature Summary: [State the employment summary of the candidate by filling the required fields]

Tenure Served Employer Organization Job Position
______________ _______________ ____________
______________ ________________ ___________________

Skills, Abilities and Knowledge: [Give brief points on candidate’s skills and abilities]

  • A quick learner, flexible and capable of working under stressful circumstances
  • Effective communication skills and interpersonal abilities
  • _______________


Can be provided upon request.