Pest Controllers/Pesticide Handlers Resume Template

The professional pesticide handler or pest controller plays a vital role in maintaining high yield crops, gardens and ensuring a pest-proof healthy environment at home, office and manufacturing plants.  Pesticides are now mandated to be environmentally and humanly safe but their proper application remains in the hands of people thoroughly trained to handle them under all situations and against all forms of pests which include the control of microbial infestation as wee as insects and rodents.

Pest Controllers/Pesticide Handlers Resume Template

Harvey J. Henderson

East Wells St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Phone: 414-098-3938


To be part of a team of pest controllers or pesticide handlers in a major pesticide company

Summary of Qualification

  • 7 years of experience in the pesticide industry handling chemicals and pest control procedures for herbicides, insecticides, bactericides and fungicides
  • Excellent work attitude and organization skills.

Career Experience/Job History

2003 – Present: Pest Controller, Spectrum Brands, Wisconsin

  • Provide technical support to clients in the control of bacteria, fungus, insects and rodents in medium sized manufacturing plants, farm sites, gardens and homes.
  • Monitor consumption of chemical inventories used for large scale pesticide solutions.
  • Assist in the repackaging and labeling of concentrated chemicals into industrial and home grade pesticides.
  • Coordinate the clean-up and incineration of destroyed rodents and insects
  • Wear protective suits in the administration of pesticides.
  • Keep informed of latest technologies in environment-friendly and safe pest controls.


2003 – Present:  Various in-house training and seminars on pesticide chemistry, environmental safety and formulation toxicity.

2001 – 2003:  Diploma in Agriculture and Aquaculture, College of Forestry, National University of Health Sciences, Illinois

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

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