Personal information on a resume should not be like a personal autobiography but mainly contact details which are absolutely essential. Normally things like race, religion, gender and age cannot be asked for by a potential employer as this will show that they are biased. The information should be directly linked to the job you are applying for and nothing more. If you feel that some of the personal information may help you in clinching the job then you can go ahead and put it down in your resume. This could be to show that your hobbies were in the line of the job and would help in your performance. If your job is related to sports then you could mention that you enjoyed outdoor activities like camping as this will show that you are a sporty person.

Certain jobs need an impressive personality while others need good looks. Maybe the job is that of a model or one where in you have to meet the clients first, in such jobs looks and personality do count a lot. For this you could send your photograph. Certain jobs need a lot of travelling to be done and for this your travel experiences will count. If travelling is one of your hobbies make sure you put this down in your resume. However, remember that no matter how much your personal information may impress the interviewer it is the qualification of the person that finally makes the greatest impact.