Payroll Directors are needed in the preparation and supervision of the release and allocation of employee payroll.  They are in charge of processing the payroll as well as implementing the benefit program according to labor laws.  Payroll Directors are responsible for developing and implementing appropriate payroll operations policies and procedures to ensure that the company in compliant with state governed laws.  They are excellent in bookkeeping and other paper and document processing.

Payroll Director Resume Template

Leah Gent

8986 New York

New York, 8923

Phone: (212) 210-2100


Very responsible and experienced individual seeking for a position as Payroll Director

Summary of Qualification

  • Exceptional skills in drafting compensation and health benefits for employees
  • With the ability to assess and evaluate employee records and working conditions and draft appropriate salary programs
  • Competent in the computer software and utilities necessary for computations
  • Can work under pressure under minimum supervision and delivers work load on time

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – 2011: Payroll Director, Littleton Manpower Services

  • Provided the company with relevant data regarding employee status and overall floor situation after thorough evaluation of current working conditions
  • Produced report presentations from data gathered and identified gray areas of the employment policies of the company
  • Worked in cooperation with other research departments to validate data and results
  • Categorized the specific needs and responsibilities of employees per department and identified corresponding compensation according to the work load
  • Provided the management with information gathered and discussed issues requiring their immediate attention
  • Evaluated the release of salary and singled out items needing re-computations and ordered for adjustments with the accounting and salary release departments
  • Developed recommendations for more appropriate conditions to successfully raise and develop employee performance


2004-2008: Bachelor of Arts in Accounting, New York University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request