Pathologists are medical doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and touch all branches of internal medicine in the specialization.  They can be medical pathologists who work on human diseases, veterinary pathologists who specialize on animal diseases, research or general pathologists who don’t treat but do investigative work, and forensic pathologists who determine the medical cause of death, to mention the major ones.

Pathologist Resume Template

Dr. Marcus G. Kendricks, PhD.

Burbank, LA, California

Phone: (818) 343-5001


To work as a pathologist for a large metropolitan or state hospital

Summary of Qualification

  • 14 years of experience in the medical profession specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases
  • Excellent ability to work under extreme pressure such as during childbirth and caesarian procedures.

Career Experience/Job History

1999 – Present: Pathologist,  Cedars-Sinai, LA,

  • Extract tissue samples or biopsies and body fluids for laboratory testing to confirm nature of disease and possible treatment.
  • Conduct in depth evaluation of patients referred buy oncologists to confirm cancer conditions as earlier diagnosed.
  • Review laboratory tests submitted by 3rd party pathologists and medical specialists.
  • Conduct genetic testing to validate suspicions of congenital diseases.
  • Attend seminars and symposia on latest obstetric developments.


1996: passed the State Board requirements for the state of Minnesota

1996: passed the US Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE)

1993 – 1996:  Internship with specialization at University Medical Center

1989 – 1993:  College of Medicine, Boston University

1985 – 1989:  BS Chemistry, Stanford University

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