A paramedical Insurance Examiner acts as the front liner for handling examinations and observation for possible insurance applicant. They asses injuries and pre-existing diseases of customers and provides reports and observation to physicians for confirmation and approval of their applications. They also work with strict confidentiality with cases that needs strict anonymity from patients asking advice and tests from authority.

Paramedical Insurance Examiner Resume Template

Anthony Parish

Brooklyn, NY

New York City, 11254

Phone: (517) 884-6633



Licensed and experienced paramedical insurance examiner seeking for broader horizon to learn and share expertise in the chosen field

Summary of Qualification

  • Systematic approach to paramedical assessment of possible insurance holders
  • Excellent interpersonal and social skills
  • Thorough report writing and suggestions for physicians recommendation
  • Can work under minimal supervision and work independently

Career Experience/Job History

2007 – 2011: Paramedical Insurance Examiner, New York Life Insurance Company

  • Handles initial testing and qualifying of applicants for the insurance company
  • Examines and does field work and assessment for applicants and insurance holders for the company
  • Maintains confidentiality of lab results and findings of pre existing medical conditions of patients and individuals
  • Makes reports and offer suggestion for the insurance company
  • Offers and suggests premiums applicable for the applicant

2005-2007: Paramedical Insurance Examiner, Reliance Insurance Company

  • Conducts examination of applicants for pre existing medical condition for qualification
  • Shares and reports information to the company physician and supervisors in the company
  • Attends seminars and conferences for the development of the field
  • Professional stance for the company handling not only customers but also providing excellent customer service to the individual
  • Follows medical procedure set by the company physician for initial screening of insurance holders


1998-2002: Bachelor of Science in Phlebotomy, New York Medical Institute

Professional reference will be furnished upon request