Medical doctors who specialize in providing health care to women from pre-natal to post-partum stages are called obstetricians.  They monitor and prescribe the proper care for pregnant women along with their newborn as well as conduct normal delivery and caesarian operations when called for.  Most, if not all Obstetricians are also trained gynecologists who take care of women’s reproductive health as both have overlapping disciplines.   Hence, it is quite common to see practitioners who are OB/GYN physicians.

Obstetrician Resume Template

Dr. Denise K. Cole PhD.

Cathedral Hill, Minneapolis, MN

Phone: (612) 144-8993


To work as an Obstetrician in a large maternity hospital or clinic

Summary of Qualification

  • 11 years of experience in the medical profession specializing in women’s health
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent ability to work under extreme pressure such as during childbirth and caesarian procedures.

Career Experience/Job History

1999 – Present: Obstetrician and Gynecologist, St. Edwards Maternity Clinic,

  • Discuss with pregnant women their reproductive health options
  • Provide support for midwives in normal delivery when required
  • Ensure adequate information and medical attention provided to women during menstrual periods, pregnancy and labor, threatened abortion, childbirth and post-partum conditions.
  • Determine if normal or caesarian childbirth is required and perform cesarean sections as necessitated by womb conditions.
  • Refer patients to the right specialists when suspecting disorders beyond competence to diagnose or treat.
  • Attend seminars and symposia on latest obstetric developments.


1999: passed the State Board requirements for the state of Minnesota

1998: passed the US Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE)

1995 – 1998:  Internship with specialization at University Medical Center, MN

1991 – 1995:  College of Medicine, University of Minnesota

1987 – 1991:  BS Anatomy, California State University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request