Objective Setting in Résumés

It helps the recruiter to see a clearly defined objective in your résumé.  If the objective indicates a specific position such as a “ Network Engineer”  that matches one of its job vacancies, you get easily shortlisted for the position.

But résumé objectives need not be specific down to the position title but can be bound within a specific set of discipline.  Here are some samples of general objectives that are well defined and delineated into specific functional specifics.

  • The objective is focused on making use of the applicant’s strength such as  “A position that enables me to harness my strong organizational skills, communication skills and my delight working with people “
  • The objective indicated a specific hierarchical position in a department and further directed to achieve a typical business purpose such as “A management position in the accounting field where my ability to marshal resources can help improve the company’s profitability.”
  • The objective can be specific to a position but which has no exact job title in the company but opens up its equivalent such as “A graphic design position where I can use my advanced creative skills that can help in the packaging design.”
  • The objective can be an honest admission of wanting to work in a better company with simple statement of desire for a more challenging job with future opportunities such as “Looking for a challenging position with a large dynamic and growing organization where personal professional growth is supported with rewarding carrier opportunities.”

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