A news reporter provides valuable inputs on current affairs, investigate leads, observe on various scenes, looks at documents and takes interview of people for the betterment of society. A reporter works in day and night to produce a finished material in conjunction with the news agency and keeps you updated on the latest information all the times. In order to work in the position of a new reporter, a well drafted resume plays a very important role and this can be created with the help of news reporter resume template.

Sample News Reporter Resume Template:


Personal information: [Give here the personal details of the candidates by filling the given fields]

Name of the candidate: __________________

Current Address: _______________________

Permanent Address: _____________________

Phone Number: ________________________

Landline Number: ______________________

E-mail id: ____________________________

Date of Birth: _____/ _____/ _____

Objective: To acquire a position of a news reporter to contribute in the growth of print media by effective writing, researching and incisive reporting skills

Educational Qualifications: [specify the educational background of the candidate by writing the academic details such as passing year, name of the university/ college and type of course/ degree]

  • Bachelors of ___________[ name of the degree] from _____________ [mention the name of the university/ institution], _____ [write the year]
  • Master in ___________[ name of the degree] from _______ [write the name of university], ______ [write the passing year]

Employment Background: [Mention the professional background by providing the accurate details of previous employer organizations, service tenure and job position]

  • _______ [tenure]: ______________ [name of the employer print media] as a ______ [job title]

Job duties included: ________________________

  • _______ [tenure]: ______________ [name of the employer print media] as a ______ [job title]

Job duties included: ________________________

Synopsis of skills:  [Here, pen out the brief summary of professional skills and abilities in order to express candidate’s legibility]

  • Impressive creative writing skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to handle diverse live reporting procedures


Achievements & Accolades: [Give a summary of accomplishments and honours received by the candidate throughout career]




References are available upon request