A new nurse is one who is skilled in patient care with good knowledge of medicines and equipments. The role of a new nurse is not limited to any specific medical department and they are required to have hands on experience in all medical departments such as surgical department, emergency department etc. As the role of a new nurse is very dynamic and one that needs to focus on the experience acquired during study and training in various hospitals the resume should be drafted in such a manner so that it showcases all the needed skill sets, education and experience. A new nurse resume template is given below.

Sample New Nurse Resume Template



Residential Address:

Phone Number:


Current Employment Status Seeking for:

Career Objective:

I wish to obtain a challenging and respected position of nurse with my strong background of ______________________ [specify the skills that the concern individual wish to implement and that matches perfectly with job requirement]

Educational Background:

  • Achieved Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, from ____________[mention the name of the institute] in the year ____________
  • ______________ [specify about further qualifications acquired by the candidate]

Professional Affiliation:

  • Achieved professional affiliation from ______________ [name of the authority by whom the candidate is being affiliated] on the year __________

Work Experiences: [Detail the earlier job experiences acquired by the candidate]

  • ________ to  ________, Worked as ___________ [specify the job designation served by the candidate earlier on the particular organization] at ___________ [name of the organization]

Key Tasks Undertaken during working in the hospital:

  • __________________
  • __________________
  • __________________
  • __________________
  • __________________