A Naturalist is someone who has vast knowledge about nature and the environment.  They do plenty of research in different areas and in turn, they educate people about the conditions of nature and how it needs to be protected to maintain a balanced ecosystem and sustain life on earth.  Naturalists develop lessons on nature and they come up with measures in preserving the environment especially as the deterioration of the earth’s natural state has doubled because of massive destruction and pollution.

Naturalist Resume Template

Claire Pasena

876 Monroe St.

Arkansas, 76889

Phone: (878) 908-909



American female with diploma in Ecosystem Management seeking for a job as a Naturalist

Summary of Qualification

  • Very responsible individual with vast experience in natural research and analysis
  • Knowledgeable in various aspects of nature specializing in rainforests and forest animals
  • With skills in information presentation such as creating informational videos, educational materials, posters, etc.
  • Involved in natural conservation organizations and has linkages to other environmental protection groups
  • Very dependable and can start work immediately

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – 2011: Park Volunteer, Monroe Parks and Wildlife

  • Assisted the park naturalist in educational activities and tours of visitors
  • Photographed, took videos and documented the parks existing wildlife attractions and natural environment
  • Identified areas with natural deterioration, devised solutions to such and handed in report to the park management
  • Created an education show that was institutionalized in the park primarily for children
  • Gave workshops related to nature, assisted in educational tours and other activities
  • Wrote articles on nature and had them published in local publications

2004-2008: Intern, The Vista Wildlife Foundation

  • Participated in clean-up programs of wildlife in the Ranger forests
  • Documented the natural habitat of forest animals through photos and written reports
  • Researched on the effect of illegal logging in the Ranger forests


1998-2002: Bachelor of Science in Zoology, University of Arkansas

Professional reference will be furnished upon request