The people who execute exhibits in a museum are museum exhibit designers tasked to make each exhibit artifact as exciting as possible, not just from a historical or aesthetic perspective but one that can excite the imagination and provide a touring experience museum visitors will remember fondly.  Using lighting technologies, the right contextual setting and the aid of computer LCD screens, museum exhibit designers create the ambiance that can bring to life the artifacts, even just in the imagination. A résumé for this position may need a portfolio of images of designed museum exhibits.

Museum Exhibit Designer Resume Template

Rupert M. Valentin

Main St., Dallas, Texas

Phone: 214-522-5543


A position as a Museum exhibit designer in a large metropolitan museum

Summary of Qualification

  • Almost a decade of experience in museum exhibit design for a large metropolitan museum
  • Portfolio of exhibit designs available during the interview

Career Experience/Job History

2002 – Present:  Assistant Exhibit Designer, New York Museum

  • Meet with museum curators to gather information about exhibit details defined exhibit space, proposed themes and content, timeframes and budgets to design and implement the exhibit
  • Provide sketches and, if required, 3D models of the proposed displays for approval.
  • Supervise the work of the production team building the exhibits
  • Design and develop promotional materials for the museum.
  • Plan and develop display motifs and themes using computerized drawing tools for assigned exhibit materials.
  • Supervise routine maintenance of exhibit sites at the end of the day
  • Design exhibit transport modules for a traveling exhibit.


2001 – Present: Various in-house and 3rd party seminars and workshops of stage lighting, graphics window and industrial design and advertising

1999 – 2001: Bachelor of Arts in History, UCLA

Professional reference will be furnished upon request