MRP stands for Material Resource Planner.  To be an MRP Controller requires skills in analyzing the relationship of product demand and availability of the supply as well as knowledge in maintaining stability of these elements.  MRP Controllers take care of the forecasting of sales and the scheduling of production to meet the necessary needs of clients and the market itself.

MRP Controller Resume Template

Jirah Edwards

Manhattan,  New York City

New York, 89765

Phone:  (676) 990-09823


Career Objective: Highly skilled and responsible person applying for a position as MRP Controller

Summary of Qualifications

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with exceptional mathematics and statistics skills.
  • Knowledgeable in conducting market research taking note of details in the industry
  • With ability to predict market conditions and create plans based on research and forecast for stock readiness
  • Efficient in computer spreadsheet and database applications
  • Highly skilled in classifying stocks and can identify client needs

Career Experience/Job History

2006-  2010: Sales Executive, Harrison and Ford Distillers

  • Developed marketing plan for the fast disposal of distilling products and services
  • Contributed in the creation of brochures for easier product review of customers
  • Generated a 10% increase in sales based on sales team performance
  • Made inventories and refurbished stocks as needed
  • Assisted in the delivery of products to clients and answered to their queries

2003 – 2006: Stockroom Clerk, Full Circle Industries, Inc.

  • Made inventories of products in the stockroom and made recorded files
  • Handled the release of stocks with due authorization as well as the receipt of new stocks
  • Gave out instructions to delivery and service crew as to shipment details and special requests
  • Updated records of stocks and regularly checked the condition of products in the stock room


1999 – 2003: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Los Angeles University

2009 – Training on Marketing Strategies, Total Care Center

Professional reference will be furnished upon request