Every movie requires a story which is detailed in a screenplay.  This is the script that directors visually interpret and paint on the celluloid canvass with the entire movie making wizardry at his disposal. To the end, the Movie Screenplay Writer plays a crucial role in crafting a cohesive story while incorporating as much visual and movie-making elements and cues on the printed screenplay document.  Screenplay writers can create original scripts or they can adapt literary masterpieces or popular comics.

Movie Screenplay Writer Resume Template

William A. Crowe

Fountain Valley, LA, California

Phone: (818) 432-2657



To work as a movie screenplay writer for an independent movie studio

Summary of Qualification

  • Extensive exposure to British, Chinese, Russian, Indian and Hollywood films over the last 30 years
  • Member of the Screenwriters Guild
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Career Experience/Job History

1993 – Present:  Assistant Movie Screenplay Writer, MGM Studios

  • Research on literary works here and overseas fro potential script material.
  • Submit scripts to directors and movie producers for approval.
  • Assist the film producer in securing rights to 3rd party copyrighted materials for screenplay adaptation.
  • Obtain schedule of review slots for the scripts to be considered.
  • Discuss with directors and producers on revision requirements for the script to go into production, considering budgets and other constraining elements.
  • Attend pre-production meetings and rehearsals with director, crew and cast
  • Submit scripts to film editors to guide in the editing of the final version.


1991 – 1993:  MS in Filmography, New York Film Academy’s School of Film

1989 – 1991:  BA English Literature, UCLA

Professional references to be furnished upon request