Motorboat Mechanics are the professionals who inspect, test, troubleshoot, repair, overhaul and replace motorboat engines, whether in-built or outboard.  There are various aquatic propulsion systems but the most common are propeller driven systems which every motorboat mechanic can be trained to repair on the spot with the tools and spare parts at hand.  You often see them working in repair shops in marinas and yacht clubs. Many who work on motorcycle engines can also do the job for motorboats.

Motorboat Mechanic Resume Template

Peter B, Pearson

E. Twiggs, Tampa, Florida

Phone: (772) 768-9011


To work as a Motorboat Mechanic for retailers or manufacturers of motorized watercrafts for civilian or military use

Summary of Qualification

  • More than 15 years experience in the repair of motorized watercrafts
  • Extensive experience in overhauling and repairing Yamaha outboard motors
  • Excellent communications and interpersonal skills

Career Experience / Job History

2002 – Present: Motorboat Mechanic, Miami Aquatic Technologies, Fl

  • Receiver and process requests for troubleshooting and repair for motorized watercrafts in the marina.
  • Meet and discuss with boat owner on problem and conduct inspection and troubleshooting of engine.
  • Conduct repair of inboard and outboard motors for minor problems.
  • Disassemble outboard motors for shop repair if necessary.
  • Conduct repair in accordance with approved procedures and in conformity with repair checklists or manuals from manufacturers along with any updated engineering bulletins.
  • Document repairs and parts replaced for correct billing purposes.


1995 – 2002:  Apprenticeship with the local yacht club marina

1993 – 1995: Associate in Small Engine Maintenance, ITT technical Institute, Miami

Personal reference to be furnished upon request