Mortgage Professionals key job responsible is processing loans that require mortgages of real properties usually involving realty or residences.  Their main job is to evaluate the real value of the properties of clients to be used as a mortgage in applying for a financial loan.  Their tasks include solicitation, processing, and implementing loan closing functions which are needed in upholding the quality and security of loans to both the client and the bank.

Mortgage Professional Template

Andrea Cunningham

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New York, 11457

Phone: (517) 452-4521


Mortgage Professional seeking for employment for a mortgage company

Summary of Qualification

  • Experience in implementing appraisals and evaluations of properties involving residences, vehicles and land
  • Excellent communication skills and with the ability to manage stressful situations with clients
  • Can work under pressure under minimum supervision and delivers work load on time
  • Experience in computing and analyzing financial records with the aid of computer software and programs

Career Experience/Job History

2007 – 2011: Mortgage Manager, Bank of America

  • Field work to appraise and evaluate real properties for mortgage according to the bank’s policies and guidelines
  • Assisted clients in the application, processing and documentation of mortgage loans after the introduction and discussion of the bank’s loan policies and requirements
  • Offered loan packages according to client preferences and ability to pay-off loans with presented properties for mortgage.
  • Provided relevant information to clients regularly according to the developments of the loans being processed.
  • Identified delinquent loan accounts and drafted letters of foreclosures and payment schedules with workable terms and conditions
  • Made monthly and yearly reports for the management to be abreast with the current financial standing of the bank and its ability to release loans


1998-2002: Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance, Harvey Business School

Professional reference will be furnished upon request