A military police professional is a security officer responsible for carrying out activities to ensure safety of the civilians. The resume of such professional must be developed in such a way that it highlights the passion, personality and capabilities of the individual. A resume is considered to be a formal introduction of a candidate applying for job and most of the times the job of a candidate depends on the effectiveness of the resume.

A resume should be specifically designed according to the job designation for which the candidate is applying. A resume must highlight all the important points related with one’s career objective, qualifications, professional experience and achievements. For example, a military police resume must be developed to showcase the important aspects of a candidate’s personality and professional life. It must initiate with the name &contact details, and then the career objective should be mentioned.

The career objective must highlight what the candidate is seeking in his /her career and with which capabilities he/ she will be able to achieve it. The objective must be followed by professional experience along with the details about the job responsibilities served so far by the candidate in his career. Then academic qualifications and achievements should be mentioned.